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Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Search Your Social Network - Tekzilla Daily Tip

Search your friends for better results with google social media search

trick tip computer network secret hint google search social friends experiment result

How To SSH Into A 3.0 iPod Touch iPhone iphone 3G

Packages recommended: openSSH ,SBSettings

hot to ssh ipod touch iphone 3g 3gs jailbreak cydai hack installer dev team apple

Orb Turn Your PC Into A Media Streaming Server 4 Free

Orb Turn Your PC Into A Media Streaming Server Free

pc media share online mobile server free freeware sharing blog pda home remote access alternative music videos tv

Interview with Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Rocketboom field correspondent Ella Morton interviews Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales at Ad-Tech NYC 2009.

wikipedia Jimmy Wales AdTech NYC EllaMorton

Stationary Cycling through Google Street View

This is just a first test upload to demonstrate how I hooked up a Vuzix VR920 head mounted display and a bike sensor to my computer to allow me to have a bit more of an enjoyable experience while peddling away the calories in my garage on the stationary bike.

Web Alert: New law may restrict online file sharing

Restrictions being negotiated almost entirely in secret could place restrictions on internet service providers even leading to the cancellation of Internet privileges for repeat offenders. Dina Gusovsky talks to Shelly Roche of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance about the potential restrictions and what they mean for ordinary Internet users.

file sharing anti-counterfeiting flickr youtube ISP internet traffic Shelly Roche ladies of liberty alliance Dina Gusovsky RT Russia Today

The Lab with Leo your Computer Technician


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