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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google May Create Facebook Competitor

Thompson Says Google May Create Facebook Competitor

May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Nicholas Thompson, a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, talks with Mark Crumpton and Julie Hyman about Google Inc. Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt's plan to double the anticipated pace of acquisitions this year. Google, the search engine with almost two-thirds of the U.S. market, is making acquisitions every couple of weeks, more than the once-a-month pace Schmidt projected when Google began buying companies again last year after the recession. (Source: Bloomberg)

Cops love iPhone data trail

Source: SunTimes

Detective Josh Fazio of the Will County Sheriff's Department loves it when an iPhone turns up as evidence in a criminal case.

The sophisticated cell phone and mobile computer is becoming as popular with police as it is with consumers because it can provide investigators with so much information that can help in solving crimes.

"When someone tells me they have an iPhone in a case, I say, 'Yeah!' I can do tons with an iPhone," said Fazio, who works in the sheriff's department high-tech crimes unit.

The iPhones generally store more data than other high-end phones -- and investigators such as Fazio frequently can tap in to that information for evidence.

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