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Friday, December 4, 2009

Pirate Bay Google Onebox Hulu DHT PEX Demonoid, Zombieland, Ink, Mininova and much more in this episode of TorrentFreak TV

This is a combined episode. In this episode we talk about Pirate Bay's new potential buyers, their fines and their tracker, we also talk about why CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment does not like filesharing, BitTorrent streamed concert, Google's Onebox, Hulu's subscriptions, we review TED, we take a loot at DHT and PEX, what's going on with Demonoid, Zombieland, Ink, Mininova's 10 billion record, Vevo, Torrent and Magnetiser.

NSA backdoor in Microsoft Windows

NSA could be looking through your Windows

What does the National read more...Security Agency have to do with Microsoft? Apparently, a lot. The NSA worked with Microsoft in its development of the Windows 7 operating software. And the relationship may stretch further back -- as far as the late 80's and previous operating systems manufactured by the company. Is this cause for concern for people who want to ensure their privacy? Is this another exmaple of Big Brother watching?

Digg Interviews FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski about Net Neutrality

Digg Dialogg: Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal and Co-Executive Editor of AllThingsD, asked your top questions to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

digg dialogg julius genachowski fcc walt mossberg interview news communication technology internet julius genachowski

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