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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FTC Releases Recommendations Report on Internet Privacy and Tracking

The Federal Trade Commission has outlined their plan for cracking down on internet tracking. The FTC, among other public and private organizations, have been eyeing tighter regulations on the web for some time. Currently, advertisers and tracking companies benefit from being able to install devices such as cookies on web-browsing devices. Personal or professional computers, iPads, and mobile devices can be tracked. The idea is for advertisers to follow you long or close enough to get to know your preferences. Then they can present you with ads that suit those interests. The data of likes, dislikes, location, purchases, sex and more are collected in a profile. Those databases are then sold to advertising company's who seek ready consumers.

The FTC has been researching this process and suggests a "do not track" option, so people can opt out if they feel their privacy is at stake. The agency believes that consumer protection has not kept pace with the quickly evolving modes of technology and intelligent business strategy.

In addition, the commission calls for a more transparent explanation of website's privacy policies. Currently most website's have a long entry of legalese for this field. Plus, they say data collectors should allow consumers access to data compiled on them.

The report can be found not the commission's website. Public comment on the framework is encouraged.

A Congressional subcommittee will review the FTC's recommendations at a hearing on Thursday.


TO MAKE A PUBLIC COMMENT ON THE FTC REPORT FOLLOW THIS LINK: https://ftcpublic.commentworks.com/ft...
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